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Polyurea and polyurethane machines

Our projection equipment

Efficient and versatile solutions in polyurea and polyurethane projection machines

Maquina de proyección de poliurea
Pistola de proyeccion de poliureas

Projection equipment made in Spain

At CELTIPOL, we are a leading company in Spain specialized in the design and manufacture of polyurea and polyurethane spray machines. Our technology solutions offer a fast, accurate and cost-effective way to apply protective and insulating coatings to a wide range of surfaces.

Our spray machines have been meticulously designed to precisely spray and mix polyurea or polyurethane components, ensuring a consistent, high-quality application. Thanks to our advanced spray technology, you will be able to cover large surfaces efficiently, reducing labor time and minimizing waste.

Best of all, our polyurea and polyurethane spray machines are highly versatile, adapting to a wide range of industries and applications. Whether you need to waterproof roofs, protect metal structures or insulate pipes, our machines will give you exceptional results.

By investing in a CELTIPOL spraying machine, you will be acquiring a reliable and durable tool that will increase the efficiency of your projects and improve the quality of your applications. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every machine we build, ensuring optimal adhesion, uniform coverage, and greater durability for your coatings and insulation.

CELTIPOL is your reliable partner when it comes to polyurea and polyurethane spraying machines in Spain. Our efficient and versatile solutions will allow you to achieve the best results in your protection and insulation projects. Trust CELTIPOL to take your applications to the next level!

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